Executive Order on Immigration

Please keep in mind that in addition to USCIS and court closures, immigration cases are also being affected by a number of other factors.

  1. COVID related travel restrictions. These change at a rapid pace along with the spread of COVID. Inside the US, you can find information and link to domestic websites on this CDC webpage.
  2. Immigration Executive Orders. Entering the US from outside the country is more complicated with this executive order. There are many exceptions to it, so it’s important to have solid legal advice to know how the executive order affects you.
  3. US Department of State restrictions on operations. Many Embassies and Consulates have begun to re-open, however re-open does nor always mean fully re-open for normal operations. Each location has different rules and will step up the services provided as the local area COVID situation improves. The resource to find travel restrictions are here which will lead you to the country specific page from the State Department. You may have to dig around to find the specific page, but they are all generally providing information as they re-open as opposed to announcing the re-opening date in advance.

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