K-visas, naturalization, adjustment of status and more! We can help you with the preparation and filing of applications within the US and guide you along the way. Hiring an immigration attorney helps you to avoid mistakes and mis-steps along the way.

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Consular Processing

Is your loved one abroad? Are you wondering how you can navigate the process to bring them to this country? Start with a consultation to get an idea of what is possible. There are multiple agencies involved and a number of details to organize in order to succeed. We have helped clients fro all over the world.

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How to Hire an Immigration Attorney

We firmly believe that you should seek out immigration advice if you are even thinking about immigration law. Whether you are considering applying for someone, you yourself have a situation of concern, or you are simply planning for the future. No matter what the situation, the absolute worst thing you can do is try to practice law yourself. Being involved in your case is important, but you can't learn the intricacies of this complex area by searching the internet, listening to the news or reading message boards. Set up a consultation just to get an understanding of your specific situation. You might have legal options available to you and you might like the attorney and the office.


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